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Electrolux Trilobite robot vacuum cleanerElectrolux has always been a trusted brand when it comes to vacuum cleaners. They are not only classy, but they are also very powerful and truly effective. The same principles and features can be found in its robot vacuum cleaner called the Trilobite. Though Roombas take a much bigger pie in the market, Trilobite can still give them a run for their money with its awesome specs. For example, this has a much bigger dust bin, and instead of depending on brushes, it uses the rollers that are also found in upright vacuum cleaners. There is an LCD display that gives you an idea of what is currently happening with your vacuum cleaner. Moreover, it has a 2-year warranty compared to just 1 year of Roomba and even 6 months of other cleaning machines.


  • Lets you schedule your cleaning times
  • Uses ultrasonic signals to spot and avoid objects
  • Includes sensors with 180-degree vision field
  • Automatically charges itself in its docking station
  • Has an LCD display that provides you notifications
  • Does not get stuck in underneath beds and furniture
  • Possesses a much bigger dust bin
  • Is more solid or durable
  • Is equipped with a roller comparable to that of a regular vacuum cleaner
  • Has a 2-year warranty
  • Charges within 2 hours
  • Traps microparticles effectively


  • Creates more noise
  • Costs more
  • Sometimes miss some spots
  • Tends to be heavy
  • Does not handle carpets very well


  • Onboard scheduler
  • Smart sensor system
  • Four motors (one for each wheel, one for the vacuum, and one for the brush)
  • Infrared stair sensor
  • 3 cleaning modes: normal, spot, and quick
  • Filters
  • Anti-tangle technology
  • Docking station
  • LCD display
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Bigger dust bin
  • Rolling system

Detailed Review

The Electrolux Trilobite looks like it is straight out of a sci-fi movie, especially with its silver finish. It feels durable or solid. Besides, you can count on its 2-year limited warranty (which is 12 months longer than the warranty offered by its stiffest competitor, the Roombas). However, because its parts are certified premium grade, it tends to put on some weight, making it quite a hassle to move around the house manually.

This is one of the robots with an excellent cleaning methodology. The sensors all work in synergy, making sure the robot does not get entangled with the cables, wires, shoelaces, and power cords. There is also a detection system for drop-offs such as stairs. One of the very interesting technologies incorporated in the cleaner is the ultrasonic signal. It gives off sound, which then bounces off and gives information to the robot as to the obstacles along the way. You can liken it to echolocation used by blind people. This system works even when the robot is already in motion. Trilobite, however, may miss some areas when your house follows an open floor plan. This is also one the reasons why the device tends to be noisier than the other robots.

The robot also has three simple but effective cleaning options. The normal is meant for open spaces, spot is for spaces up to 10 square feet, and quick for cleaning without room mapping. The latter is ideal if the device is constrained in just an enclosed room such as the bedroom. It uses rollers that are also found in vacuum cleaners, so there is more suction and lifting power. There are also fewer hairs to deal with when it comes to the brushes. However, this is not the best vacuum to use for carpets.

The dust bin is large, so you do not have to empty it many times while cleaning. The filters, on the other hand, trap microparticles.

Trilobite also includes an onboard scheduler and a docking station. It finds its home base and charges itself automatically.

In spite of the many great features, a number are apprehensive since it costs a lot. Regardless, if you are after quality, you should seriously consider this.

User Comments

I have had this product for almost a year and have used it twice a week to clean. The device cleans with no problems. It seems to pickup everything that it runs across. In a closed room, it works 110% – it will hit every part of the room with no problem. 

—Keith Caneiro, Amazon.com

Trilobite was a very pleasant surprise. It was remarakable as the unit made a few R2D2 squeeks and left its charging station and actually cleaned the room. . . . All in all a very cool product. And you can get a good deal at one of the big box warehouse outlets (you can return it if you don’t like it). 

—Peter Nechay, Amazon.com



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