iRobot Roomba 510

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iRobot Roomba 510 reviewOverview

The iRobot Roomba 510 vacuum cleaner is sometimes called the entry-level 500 series cleaning machine. But the truth is there’s nothing very basic about it. In fact, it’s a far cry from the previous generations. It may still share some of the features, but it’s able to improve them greatly.


  • Has a comprehensive cleaning system, including sizing up the size of the room first before actually cleaning to efficiently use its power
  • Cleans up to 99 percent of the room despite the many obstacles
  • Picks up both large and small objects such as seeds and kitty litter
  • Adjusts itself depending on the type of floor it cleans; works with laminates, hardwoods, and linoleums
  • Tidies up to 3 to 4 rooms per single charge
  • Is composed of better or enhanced parts, including brushes
  • Includes cliff sensors to prevent it from falling down
  • Produces tolerable noise
  • Makes wall turns
  • Works with voice
  • Is Easy to use


  • Takes longer to use than a typical vacuum
  • Accumulates hairs
  • Doesn’t have an onboard scheduler and home base
  • Requires more room to move around
  • Doesn’t work well with high-pile carpets



  • one virtual wall
  • Enhanced cleaning system and coverage
  • Package includes extra filter, bumper extension, power supply, and brush cleaning tool
  • 3 hours’ charging time
  • Anti-tangle technology
  • Cliff sensor
  • Gentle touch bumper
  • Bagless dustbin
  • Fine vacuum filter
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Voice-guided menu
  • 16.75 inches in width, 5 inches in height

Detailed Review

The 500 series came right after the 400, and it promised better-functioning cleaning machines. Judging by the way 510 impresses people it may simply achieve its claim with great ease.

Compared to some other robot cleaners, Roomba 510 is heavy and tall. It measures 5 inches in height, so the clearance should never go below it, or else it won’t be able to reach and clean the area. Nevertheless, its cleaning system has been greatly improved. It still circles around a certain location to map out places that have to be cleaned; then it begins to do its work. By the time it’s done, it has already removed around 99 percent of dirt. Does it work as powerfully as canisters and uprights? Some of the traditional ones are admittedly much better than the 510. However, considering a lot of the things are automated, thus saving you energy and time, you wouldn’t mind using this robot even on a daily basis.

The number of rooms it can clean depends on their size, of course, but on the average a single charge should handle around 3 to 4 rooms. Unlike the older models, the charging time is also cut short to around 3 hours, and you’re provided with 1-year limited warranty should something happen to the robot.

It may sound technological, but the robot still proves to be very easy to use. It’s also made less pricey than the other models in the series since it doesn’t have an on-board scheduler and a home base. Some owners prefer to have them, but as long as you don’t mind setting the machine every day or looking for it after it’s completed its job, you’ll do fine without these two features.

The robot is equipped with a fine vacuum filter that traps allergens before they are released back into the air, as well as cliff sensors so it doesn’t fall from the stairs when cleaning. You can use a virtual wall to create a boundary for your device. Note, however, it may require a good amount of room to move around. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to build cleaning maps effectively.

It works well with almost all types of floors, except for high-pile carpets. This is because the power may not be enough to get into the deeper portions of the carpet. The 510 robot also gets rid of pet and human hair very well, but you should be patient with regards to cleaning the brushes.

It isn’t as silent as other robot vacuum cleaners, but the volume is tolerable. If it gets annoying, you can simply close the door or move to the other room. If you own a pet, your dog or cat may be terrified by the sound at first, but hopefully your furry pets will get used to it.

User Comments

All models are identical in terms of performance. The diminutive size and quiet operation would lead you to believe these are little toys akin to hand vacs… until you get back to a thoroughly cleaned room. 

—Esanta, Amazon

We run ours everyday for cat hair maintenance, and our house has never looked better. I’ve also noticed that my allergies have improved. My Mom liked mine so much, she got one of her own and loves it as well.

—Celeste, Amazon

I’ve run Roomba on every level of my house. It did a fine job. I am cautiously optimistic. I am happy with my purchase so far. I don’t think it could fully replace a real vacuum, but it will keep my house cleaner.

—RC Stanley,


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