iRobot Roomba 530

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OverviewiRobot Roomba 530 review

One of the main issues with releasing a lot of vacuum cleaning machines on the same series is the difficulty of finding the difference. However, when iRobot Roomba 530 vacuum was released in the market, users can already distinguish it from all its relatives. Though it works perfectly when it comes to a variety of floors, 530 has a much better mechanism to avoid electrical cord entanglement. In fact, it can get rid of any cord it “swallows.” It also has a more enhanced dirt-emptying system and doesn’t get trapped in carpet fringes. It may be costly than the other models in the series because of the add-ons, but they also increase the value of the cleaning machine.


  • Cleans a room effectively with its three-stage cleaning system
  • Works with up to 3 rooms in one charge (still depends on the size of the room)
  • Charges itself with the help of a home base
  • Needs only 3 hours for charging
  • Sports a more enhanced filtration system
  • Includes sensors to reduce collision and Dirt Detection Technology
  • Creates off-limit areas with Virtual Walls
  • Operates hassle-free
  • Deals with pet issues such as hair and kitty litter
  • Doesn’t produce a lot of noise


  • May get stuck underneath the furniture
  • Requires extensive maintenance
  • Is more expensive than the previous robots in the 500 series
  • Doesn’t include an onboard scheduler


  • Bagless bin system and fine vacuum filter
  • Anti-tangle technology, cliff sensor, and light bumper system
  • Virtual walls and self-charging home base
  • 1-year limited warranty for the robot, 6 months for the battery
  • 2 counter-rotating brushes and Dirt Detection Technology
  • Edge- and three-stage cleaning system, cleaning head suspension, and iAdapt technology

Detailed Review

Undoubtedly, not a lot of people appreciate the “bells and whistles” fitted into the 530. If you’re simply looking for a robot that cleans, you don’t really need all those types of sensors and even the self-charging dock. Besides, these things only up the price to around a hundred dollars more.

However, the changes in 530 may soon come in handy as you deal with robots. The home base, for example, makes sure the robot recharges without any human aid. It also doesn’t have to die in any part of your house, and you have to struggle looking for it.

The built-in cliff and light bumper technology, moreover, extend the life of 530. They ensure all its components, especially the vulnerable ones, are protected from damage. Though iRobot provides you with a 1-year limited warranty for the device, maintenance still increases significantly once it’s expired. This is especially true if you have to replace the filters.

Unlike the previous 2 models under the 500 series, this one has a much clearer and comprehensive cleaning system. It already includes a defined edge technology to effectively remove the accumulation of dust and dirt along the wall edges. The three-stage cleaning system removes as much as 98 to 99 percent of the allergens in the room. You may also set up the virtual wall to confine your space and program your robot to not leave the area until it’s thoroughly cleaned. The Dirt Detection technology helps it capture both small and large particles it deems as dirt in the room. The cleaning head suspension allows the Roomba 530 to adjust itself according to the type of floor, and fortunately, it doesn’t get tangled with the carpet fringes unlike the 510 and 520. It has a bigger bin that is easier to empty and needs only 3 hours to charge.

Nevertheless, it has its downsides. For example, it still doesn’t have the on-board scheduler, which should allow you to activate the robot for cleaning even when you’re not around. It is taller than some of its competitors, and so it needs a higher clearance from furniture and beds, for instance. Moreover, it is costlier with the addition of new features, and many still find the brushes a hassle to clean.

User Comments

Awesome. This new generation fixes all the problems of the previous. Much smarter, much bigger dust bin, much better in every way. Great that it self-docks when tired. Maintanence is a snap…really could not be easier/faster. 

—New Yawkuh, Amazon

My wife especially likes that fact that Roomba goes under the sofas and beds. We have two cats, and the Roomba pulled a lot of cat hair and dirt from under the sofas. The family room smells better after roomba has been there.

—Jimcoco, CNET

The new sensors that prevent the robot from “speed-bumping” into furniture are a very nice touch, but beware if the robot is in a tight area, it may appear sluggish — the sensors are working to continually slow it down. It’s a feature I like, but need to get used to. 




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