iRobot Roomba 545 Pet

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iRobot Roomba 545 Pet reviewOverview

Do you have any pets? Then most definitely you can relate to other home owners’ issues such as pet hair or dander, paw prints, kitty litter, and pet food scattered on the floor. These things should not be taken lightly, however. They can stain the floor, thereby reducing their sheen or evens shortening their life span. A lot of pet hairs all over the house increase the chances of developing asthma and other allergic reactions including atopic dermatitis. If you struggle cleaning them with a conventional vacuum cleaner, it may be best to turn your attention to robots. Today we’re going to talk one of them called iRobot Roomba 545.


  • Cleans every section of your preferred floor, making over 60 decisions for every second
  • Vacuums the floor more thoroughly than other cleaning machines
  • Picks up not only pet hair, pet food, and cat litter, but also bread crumbs, stains, and other particles
  • Works with several types of floors, from linoleum to tiles, hardwoods, and bare floors
  • Creates virtual walls to confine designated spaces
  • Automatically docks itself in between or after cleaning for recharging
  • Takes only 3 hours to recharge
  • Traps allergen with a filter
  • Takes care of the wall edges
  • Allows you to schedule your cleaning time automatically


  • Sometimes gets stuck underneath furniture
  • Doesn’t thoroughly cleans the stairs
  • Takes some time to clean the brushes
  • Is expensive to maintain once the warranty has already expired


  • 3-stage cleaning system
  • Counter-rotating brushes to effectively lift off dirt, dust, and pet hairs from any kind of floor
  • Spinning brush to handle the wall edges
  • Dirt Detect Technology
  • iAdapt Responsive Cleaning Technology
  • virtual walls
  • anti-tangle technology
  • on-board scheduler
  • docking station

Detailed Review

If you like iRobot Roomba 532 pet vacuum cleaner, there’s no way you wouldn’t appreciate 545. It still shares a lot of similar features, but definitely the latter is an upgrade. For example, you can already make use of an on-board scheduler. This may be a premium, one that boosts the price of the cleaner, but it saves you the headache of turning the machine on for cleaning. In fact, you can be out of your home, and still the machine works as long as you have programmed its schedule.

It also has other impressive technologies such as iAdapt, where the robot performs a lot of decisions in a short amount of time, covering the same space over and over until it thoroughly cleans the area. You can also set up the virtual walls to ensure it doesn’t go beyond its limit, though the device already comes with drop-off and light bumper sensors to prevent collision.

Pet hairs, paw prints, and other similar kinds of mess can sometimes be hard to deal with, especially if they rest inside the carpets. However, 545 is equipped with AeroVac technology, which creates a very strong airflow that lifts up dander, hair, and other allergen efficiently. Moreover, so they don’t go back into the atmosphere, the robot is fitted with a fine vacuum filter. The only thing we desired is for it to be a HEPA filter, since this type can trap up to 0.3 microns of dust. Simply put, if you want a much better indoor quality, this filter is ideal.

The device also has an auto docking system, which means it finds its way back to the base for charging, even in between cleaning.

There are still a couple of struggles with the cleaner, including keeping the brushes free from pet hairs and other dust and dirt. It still produces some noise, which sometimes startle pets.

User Comments

I had no idea my floors were so dirty! It picks up much better than any vac I’ve used. I am addicted to it. I wake up and start it, come home from work and start it. My floors have never been cleaner.

—Germantown, Sam’s Club

My sister in law had a birthday two weeks ago, so I bought her one and had Sam’s ship it. She named hers Mr. big. She says it is the greatest gift she’s ever received. She is constantly plagued with allergies, but since the Roomba can sweep under her bed and dressers, she is breathing much better at night.

—ZeeZeeWriter, Sam’s Club






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