iRobot Roomba 550 and 555

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iRobot Roomba 550 reviewOverview

Today we’re going to review two similar Roomba vacuum cleaners: 550 and 555. Sure, they do differ in some features. For example, you can find only 1 virtual wall in a 555 and 2 in 550. The former doesn’t have AeroVac Series 2 technology, persistent pass cleaning, and remote control. Nevertheless, they have more similar features. They are equipped with onboard scheduler and self-charging home base. They also require virtual walls to create a confined space. They are also equally effective in getting rid of pet hairs, though they aren’t marketed as robot pet cleaners.

Pros and Cons

  • 550 is a quiet vacuum cleaner
  • Both can clean pet hairs effectively
  • Virtual walls last longer
  • Clean underneath furniture
  • Are easy to operate
  • Comes with onboard scheduling and counter-rotating brushes
  • Goes back to its base for self-charging


  • Don’t clean stairs
  • Can sometimes get stuck under the furniture
  • Require frequent maintenance, especially the brushes and filters
  • 555 doesn’t have lighthouses, brush cleaning tool, high-capacity bins, AeroVac Series 2 technology, persistent pass cleaning, and remote control
  • Noisy


  • Cleans 4 rooms in single battery
  • Dirt Detection technology
  • Self-charging base
  • Anti-tangle technology
  • Extra filters
  • Virtual walls (1 for 555 and 2 for 550)
  • Counter-rotating brushes
  • Extra brushes
  • Fine vacuum Filters
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • On-board scheduling

Detailed Review

iRobot Roomba 550 and 555 are equipped with some of the good features you definitely want to see in a robot cleaner. For example, they are lightweight. They are also low, so they can get underneath the furniture and beds, to name a few. They are also circular, so they don’t get stuck when they start cleaning the wall’s edges. (Keep in mind, however, that the round form may also prevent it from getting very close to the edge.)

They both work in a variety of floors, such as carpets, rugs, linoleum, and hardwood. They can easily transition depending on the floors that they have to deal with. They are also extremely effective in getting rid of the pet hairs, thanks to their AeroVac technology. This gives off more vacuum power, so even the hardest dust and dirt can be lifted off, suctioned, or swept from the floors.

They also work in a spiral random pattern, making sure it covers a large area at the least amount of time possible. With Dirt Detect technology, however, it’s able to scour for dirt and grime and spend extensive cleaning in the area. There are soft bumpers to reduce the impact of the robot hitting furniture legs and other obstacles. Nevertheless, you can also limit where they go through the use of virtual walls. Now these two units differ on the number of virtual walls they have. For example, 550 has two while 555 only has one. This means there’s a higher chance of covering a much bigger space with 550 than with 555.

Just like a lot of Roomba cleaners, both 550 and 555 require extensive cleaning with the brushes. You may also have to change the filters regularly.

User Comments

I have had Roomba’s for years… They do require a little maintenance (Brush cleaning, cleaning the pet hair from the ends of the rollers) but overall they are pretty great. Cleaning the brushes is no big deal, I do it when I empty the bin. It takes a minute or two to empty the bin and clean the brushes, and it’s ready to go. . . .I think the Roomba is a pretty cool little device, and I recommend that people who want to keep their house vaccuumed all the time buy it.

—K. Williams,

The Roomba is an innovation comparable to the dishwasher and even the washing machine. I can easily see a future where everyone has one or more of them at work in their homes. It is yet another way to multitask in our busy lives. I couldn’t recommend it more highly. 

—Bargain Hunter,

It took a lot of convincing to get this purchased, and I can honestly say without trying to overstate it: “this is a purchase that brought more satisfaction than almost all others”.




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