iRobot Roomba 560

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iRobot Roomba 560 reviewOverview

A lot of people may not easily spot the differences among Roombas in a certain series. That’s understandable since they share almost the same features. However, their differences lie not on what they have but how these features actually work. So far, the newer models are improved Roombas. A good example is Roomba 560. It has almost the same technologies as 530 and even 564, which belongs to the Pet Series. Nevertheless, 560 is still preferred by many because it works better than 530 and other old Roomba models.


  • Comes with a bagless dust bin
  • Properly filters allergens
  • Deals effectively with linoleum, carpets, and rugs
  • Removes bread crumbs, pet hair, dust, dirt, and grime
  • Includes sensors to prevent or reduce collisions and drop-offs
  • Creates your confined space with virtual walls
  • Automatically cleans based on your preferred schedule
  • Charges itself through its home base
  • Cleans up to 4 average-sized rooms in one charge (around 120 minutes)
  • Removes dirt and dust in corners and wall edges through its counter-rotating brushes in high speed
  • Detects dirt
  • Thoroughly vacuums an area through its three-stage cleaning system
  • Has a longer battery life than other Roomba cleaners


  • Sometimes get stuck underneath furniture
  • Requires regular maintenance
  • Gets costly over time
  • Does not handle stairs
  • May be noisier than other Roomba cleaners
  • Doesn’t use HEPA filters
  • Doesn’t work with touchpad controls
  • Uses only a standard bin


  • Fine vacuum filters
  • Anti-tangle technology
  • Cliff sensors and gentle-touch bumper technology
  • Self-charging home base
  • Virtual walls
  • Measures 3.6 inches in height and 13.4 inches in diameter
  • 1-year limited warranty for the robot, 6 months for the battery
  • Three-stage cleaning system
  • iAdapt responsive cleaning technology
  • Dirt Detect technology
  • Spot clean mode
  • Extended life power management
  • Onboard scheduler

Detailed Review

Roomba 560 is somewhat smaller than the other Roomba models, so this has a much better chance of getting underneath furniture with very low clearance. It is also lighter, though you may find some Scooba units to be more compact and easier to move around.

As expected, its main thrust is to properly clean your home, and it does its job well. It has the ability to get rid around 98 percent of allergens in a space, and you can confine the area through the use of virtual walls. There are counter-rotating brushes to remove the dirt on the edges of your walls and corners. The iAdapt technology, along with Dirt Detect technology, allows the vacuum cleaner to spot then move in a back-and-forth pattern repeatedly under it has completely clean the area. For everyday use, home owners can schedule their preferred cleaning times on the onboard scheduler or press the spot clean mode for quick pickup of dust, dirt, and debris.

Some users complain about its short running time, but actually it’s much longer than the other Roombas at around 50 percent. Moreover, because there’s already a self-charging home base, there’s no need to carry the device from where it’s stopped to its docking station.

Though this doesn’t have a HEPA filter, the filtration system is already sufficient to trap most of the dust and dirt. The bin isn’t large either, but the standard bin is very easy to remove and install back into the cleaner.

User Comments

This thing is amazing. We had a learning curve associated with all the points to clean out, but everything is explained well, and easy to get at. This is one determined cleaner, it will force open doors and move furniture. We like it so well I am buying a second for the kids!!

—Michael R. Bove,

My grandma doesn’t need to be bending over and lugging vacuums around anymore so this product seemed like a great deal and it sure has saved alot of headaches and worry. Works good on different floors (carpet, wood, vinyl) and does a great job.


With two dogs, one cat, and two humans (my wife and I) who don’t take our shoes off… I can’t imagine how filthy our place would be without Roomba! We use it daily; sometimes two to three times in one day! 

—Chicago Dave,


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