iRobot Roomba 562 And 564 Pet

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iRobot Roomba 564 Pet reviewOverview

Are you struggling keeping up with a terrible hairy condition from your pets? This shouldn’t be taken too lightly, however. One of the most common triggers for allergic reactions such as asthma is pet hair. Actually, it isn’t the pet hair per se that causes it. It’s the protein that is found in its saliva. However, since pets like dogs and cats like to lick themselves , these proteins get stuck in their coat, and its dander can be inhaled by humans, especially children. Fortunately, there are dedicated pet robot cleaners in the market today. One of these is Roomba 564.

Note: Before we proceed to a thorough review about the robot, let us say that Roomba 562 and 564 are the same. There’s a difference in the model number, depending on where it’s being sold.


  • Covers large areas
  • Works on hard floors, carpets, and rugs
  • Effectively gets rid of pet hairs, as well as kitty litter, pet food, and bread crumbs
  • Gets underneath furniture
  • Includes a High Capacity Sweeping bin aside from the regular bin
  • Has a very powerful vacuum capability
  • Detects dirty areas
  • Includes a spot-clean mode
  • Doesn’t fall off the stairs and other drop-offs
  • Lets you schedule cleaning time
  • Creates a confined space via the virtual walls


  • Can sometimes get stuck underneath furniture
  • Produces sound that can disturb animals
  • Requires constant cleaning of brushes
  • Doesn’t clean the stairs


  • Counter rotating brushes, beater brush, and sturdy bristle brush
  • Fine filters
  • Dirt Detection technology
  • AeroVac technology
  • On-board scheduler
  • Virtual walls
  • iAdapt Responsive Cleaning Technology
  • Cliff detection sensors
  • Anti-tangle technology
  • Wall-following technology
  • Self-charging home base
  • 1-year limited warranty for the robot, 6 months for the battery
  • Measures 13.4 inches in diameter and 3.6 inches in height
  • Weighs 8.3 lbs

Detailed Review

Irobot Roomba 564 (or 562) is one of the most effective robot pet cleaners we’ve ever seen. Through its AeroVac technology, it’s able to powerfully suction pet hairs, litter, and food, to name a few. Moreover, it can handle a variety and several amounts of pet hairs. We’ve heard home owners with more than just one dog or cat, as well as bunnies and all sorts of animals.

How does it clean? We don’t really appreciate the random spiral and back-and-forth motion, but it’s something you can ignore since it accomplishes its task, which is to clean the floor properly. It also has the iAdapt technology, which means the robot passes through the same floor multiple times until it can no longer detect any dirt. Speaking of dirt, the cleaning machine is also equipped with a Dirt Detect technology. It’s also able to hold off falling into stairs or bumping into objects through its sensors. There are cliff and bumper sensors.

The bins are bigger than those found in other Roomba cleaners. Thus, you don’t need to empty them often. The pet cleaner also maximizes its energy and goes back to its self-charging home base when its power is already low. You can also schedule your cleaning time through its onboard scheduler. That’s a huge help especially if you’re out of your home for most of the time. Once it’s time, the robot will immediately and automatically start cleaning your room. To ensure the room is well covered, you can set up your virtual walls.

One of the biggest downsides of this is time-consuming brush cleaning. Hairs get entangled with the brushes. Moreover, it produces sound loud enough to jold or make your pet anxious.

User Comments

Our Roomba is really part of the family. We call him Paco (don’t know why, it just seems to fit). We have four (4) dogs, two long hair and two short hair. Without Paco, it is impossible to keep up with the hair and dirt they bring in.

—Dennis A. Cox,

Although at the price of quite a decent washing machine, we consider it money well spent on an appliance which will certainly earn its keep and we look forward to a long future of effortlessly clean floors at last.


I cannot say enough good things about my ROOMBA. I had an older one that crapped out so I had to replace it, not real happy about that, but this thing is AMAZING.



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