iRobot Roomba 610

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iRobot Roomba 610 reviewOverview

One of the biggest differences between uprights and robots is that you cannot expect the latter to cover very large spaces immediately. They usually have to clean one room before they move on to the next. However, before they are done with one, they have to be charged first (if it’s automatic, it just finds its way to the docking station). Thus, the cleaning time usually takes longer. It’s not that you should be complaining. No matter how simple your robot is, it still relieves you from plenty of cleaning duties. Nevertheless, if you’re dealing with a large space, it’s also best to seek a robot vacuum cleaner that is designed for such: iRobot Roomba 610 Professional Series. This robot cleaning machine is not unlike its relatives. It has a very special cleaning mode called Max, designed to consume all its power before it returns to its base for charging. The max option, needless to say, can already cover large spaces, such as small business offices. It comes with industrial-grade parts too, such as the bumpers.

  • Allows you to schedule cleaning times
  • Works great even with cords and cables around
  • Docks itself into the self-charging home base
  • Doesn’t fall off the stairs
  • Is great for getting rid of pet hairs
  • Bumps gently on furniture and other objects
  • Has 3 cleaning modes
  • Covers very large areas
  • Is equipped with a much bigger bin
  • Can detect dirt


  • Takes some time to clean, especially the brushes
  • Doesn’t include more lighthouses
  • Is missing the carrying handle



  • 3 cleaning modes
  • Onboard scheduler
  • 2-year limited warranty on robot, 1 year on battery
  • 2 High-Capacity Sweeper bins
  • Industrial bumpers
  • iAdapt technology
  • Dirt Detection technology

Detailed Review

iRobot Roomba 610 is called the Professional Series since it’s mainly designed to take care of very large spaces such as small office buildings without the constant downtimes. The robot cleaner doesn’t lose its power immediately. Moreover, it consumers all the energy it has before it goes back to its home base. By then, it should have already worked on the big area. (This doesn’t mean, though, the cleaner isn’t useful for homes. The 610 also offers other two cleaning modes such as the standard and spot cleaning, which can cover up to 3 feet.)

Despite being used for industries, the robot is still small and its weight comparable to that of the other Roomba vacuum cleaners. If there’s one thing missing, it’s the carrying handle, which should have made carrying and transporting so much easier.

Based on the user reviews, it works perfectly fine with common allergens, dust, and dirt. In fact, it does a very good job with pet hairs, particularly in carpets. There are a couple of brushes that can dig deeper into the carpets or clean the edges of the walls. As expected, however, hairs can get entangled in these brushes, making cleaning them such a tedious process.

There’s an onboard scheduler, which should save you the hassle of constantly reminding yourself, and the self-charging home base. There are 2 High-Capacity Sweeper bins, which means you don’t need to empty the vacuum often. The filter traps allergens and dust.

A slight complaint with 610 is it doesn’t have the best mapping system. Nevertheless, its industrial-grade bumper gently hits furniture and other objects and protecting the cleaner’s parts properly.

User Comments

Before my roomba I vacuumed 2 times a week and still dirt would show up on the bottom of peoples white socks. Since roomba no more dirt!!! It handles the cat fur and it even found an earring I lost over a year ago that must of been hiding someplace. The best part is it can get under things my vacuum never could reach. 


This is my second Roomba; I simply wore the other one out. Of couse this one is much improved. It does a wonderful job and it is great to be busy with other house cleaning, while another room is being vacuumed. 


Love it. Our home is open to dust and dirt, and this keeps the floors very clean. We live on St. Croix (us virgin islands), where dust and dirt is an every day thing. So far it is great.

—G. Trommer




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