iRobot Scooba 380

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iRobot Scooba 380 reviewOverview

Sometimes it isn’t enough the floors are properly vacuumed. They also have to be squeaky clean, and you can only achieve that if you mop them. But who likes to mop anyway? To solve the time-consuming issue, iRobot came up with another line of cleaning equipment. This time it’s a robot mop machine known as the Scooba. Unlike their vacuum cleaners, the Scooba need special solutions or formulas in order to be used properly. The solution contains nutrients and other components that don’t only leave very clean and fresh floors but also kill the bacteria that could breed in them. Expectedly, it has a whole new method of cleaning your floor, since it already includes washing and mopping.


  • Uses a very special solution you can purchase immediately (the initial formula is also included in the package)
  • Saves a lot of time in mopping the floor
  • Doesn’t take a lot of time to refill
  • Goes underneath furniture and fixture
  • Stays within the confined limits (using virtual walls)
  • Follows a 4-step cleaning process
  • Works with hardwoods, tiles, and linoleums
  • Cleans around 850 square feet per charge


  • Sometimes leave the floor damp
  • Performs quite loudly
  • Loses its power quickly
  • Is expensive to maintain since you need to buy the solution
  • Doesn’t tend to last for a very long time


  • 4-stage cleaning pattern (prepares, washes, scrubs, and squeegees)
  • Virtual walls to create limits
  • Cliff sensors to prevent drop-offs
  • 1 year limited warranty for the robot, 6 months for the battery
  • Weighs 8.6 pounds
  • Measures 3.6 inches in height and 14.8 inches in diameter

Detailed Review

One of the best ways to review a Scooba 380 is to not compare it with the other vacuum cleaners, since this isn’t really marketed as one of them. Instead it’s a robot floor mop with some vacuum capabilities. We should judge it therefore according to its own merits.

As a start, the floor mop is small, which needs only 4 inches clearance at the very least. Simply put, it is easy for the machine to mop even the corners and underneath your furniture and fixture. Needless to say, despite its ability to move around freely, sometimes it gets stuck. It’s also not the best machine to use if you like to get rid of dust and dirt at the edge of your walls.

It covers a good amount of space per charge: 850 square feet. However, keep in mind other factors may come into play such as the amount of allergens you have as well as the presence of fixtures like sofas and beds. To make it worthwhile, use the Scooba 380 in kitchens and bathrooms, where there are plenty of water and stains to deal with.

Unlike other mopping machines, Scooba 380 requires a special solution, which is a combination of vinegar, water, and other enzymes. Though it adds more cost to the product and you have to buy the solution once it’s consumed—besides, you can still use plain water in cleaning—it kills up to 98 percent of household bacteria lingering on the floor.

While the Roomba vacuum cleaners follow a 3-step cleaning system, Scooba 380 has four: it prepares, which includes picking up the dirt; washes, wherein it uses the solution to wash the floor; scrubs to remove stuck-on dirt and grime; and squeegees to lift the remaining water on the floor. Sometimes the mop leaves the floor damp, but compared to regular mops, the water dries off faster.

User Comments

I’ve had my Scooba for 7 or 8 years and have had no problems with it. When I had problems with my Roomba, the Customer Service was fabulous! I wish all companies took back their broken products and gave new/reconditioned ones in their place.

—G. L. Blacksmith,

i used all the time at home, its really help me a lot, i just have to setup up and that’s it, i can do some other things and same time


We have owned our scooba for two years now. No problems with battery life. It cleans very thoroughly. I was amazed the first time I saw the color of the water after it finished cleaning. Who knew the floors were so dirty. Worth the price!

—Theresa S.,




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