LG Roboking (VR5902LVM)

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LG Roboking VR5902LVM reviewOverview

Though the robot cleaner market is highly dominated by iRobot, which has already sold close to 3 million all over the world, it doesn’t change the fact other brands may have come up with something better and stronger. A good example will be LG, a popular company that has designed Roboking. There are fewer owners of the Roboking than Roombas. Nevertheless, we feel the former is more efficient than some of the models of the latter at some point. For example, it’s less noisier, doesn’t bounce around, and is cheaper to maintain.


  • Possesses a pair of cameras for SLAM navigation
  • Doesn’t bounce around like typical Roombas
  • Produces less noise than the previous model or even other robot cleaners
  • Doesn’t require extensive maintenance
  • Uses ultrasonic and infrared sensors, among others, to prevent crashes
  • Easy to use
  • Traps allergens up to 0.3 microns effectively
  • Lasts longer than the previous model
  • Is slimmer
  • Finds its way to its home base for charging


  • May not pick up all the dust and dirt
  • Has only one brush, which may prevent it from digging deeper especially in carpets


  • SLAM navigation
  • 1 main brush
  • HEPA filter, five-step filtration process
  • Lithium polymer battery
  • Brushless direct current motor
  • Self-charging home base
  • 22 sensors
  • 2.5 hours charging time
  • Remote control
  • Collision detection technologies
  • 130mm in height
  • 50 decibel noise
  • Several cleaning options

Detailed Review

Perhaps one of the best robots we’ve met in terms of its features is LG’s Roboking. It’s just too bad it doesn’t fare as well as the Roombas. Nevertheless, it’s our job to let you know how good this is.

At first glance, its shape may remind you of the typical robots in the market. You may notice, however, it’s much smaller and slimmer. In fact, it’s thinner than the other LG robot, which is the Hom-bot. This is advantageous for the Roboking since it’s much easier for this cleaner to sweep and suction dust and other debris underneath furniture, tables, sofas, and beds, to name a few.

Unlike the Roombas, which use the pricey virtual wall or lighthouses to create boundaries, Roboking is equipped with two cameras, one at the top, the other at the bottom. The philosophy is that humans use their pair of eyes when cleaning. Just like when you’re vacuuming, Roboking moves across the floor, going after every unnecessary particle in your home while mapping out the area. The different sensors work synergistically to ensure the robot can also include in its calculated navigation the various obstacles such as furniture legs. Sometimes it grinds itself along furniture edges—as a lot of well-known robots do once in a while—but more often than not, its SLAM navigation works seamlessly.

The model is also fitted with a very powerful motor, but it pales in comparison to that of typical vacuum cleaners such as the uprights. Moreover, it isn’t guarantee Roboking doesn’t leave out any dust and dirt in the home. Sometimes it cannot suction large particles.

As for its maintenance, you may spend less with Roboking. First, all parts are properly enclosed by a sturdy material. This prevents dust and dirt from damaging them or making them susceptible to premature wear and tear. It has just one main brush, which makes it less hassle to clean.

You also won’t have any issues with charging. First it can be programmed to return to its home base in between cleaning cycles. Further, the actual charging time may just be around 2.5 hours, much lesser than that of other robots. As a bonus, it doesn’t produce too much noise.

User Comments

The first thing that struck me when I started up the Roboking was how silent it was. That was the main selling point for me, since I had become weary of the noise the Roomba makes. 

—Per, Perberglund.com

As improved as the LG Roboking is, it can still make some finicky mistakes, such as cleaning the same spot several times over and getting tripped up on medium-height carpets, but for the most part, this is a great offering from LG. We are not quite at the R2-D2 level yet, but the Roboking is a nice addition to any guy’s home — just make sure it plays nice with your dog





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