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Mint 5200 reviewOverview

It’s common among brands to simply enhance their products that work. It’s the same case with Mint 5200. This is very similar to 4200, but it has better reviews simply because the features have been improved. For instance, it can already cover a much bigger space since the device is already fitted with more Northstar cubes. There’s also the turbo charge cradle that speeds up charging up to 2 hours. Then there’s the pro-clean system to keep your cloths and pads in good working condition while they’re on “move.”


  • Already has the pro-clean system to keep the pads and cloths working for a much longer time
  • Speeds up charging through the turbo-charge cradle
  • Is shaped like a square so it moves conveniently across the walls
  • Doesn’t include any bins or filters
  • Less noisy than the other robots
  • Comes with more sensors for enhanced navigation system
  • Less weighty than other robots
  • Sweeps and mops an area
  • Covers a large area in one charge
  • Is capable of avoiding stairs and other drop-offs, as well as bumps


  • Doesn’t have a self-charging home base and on-board scheduler
  • Doesn’t pick up dust and dirt extensively
  • Requires regular maintenance to keep the pads and cloths clean
  • Sometimes get stuck


  • Pro-clean system
  • Northstar navigation
  • Turbo charging
  • PerfectEdge technology
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Measures 9.6 inches in width and 3.1 inches in height
  • Weighs 4 pounds

Detailed Review

Mint 5200 is also called Mint Plus for a good reason. It still has some of the features you may have grown to love with 4200. However, they were simply enhanced to make sure this new model addresses the present issues not solved by the previous generation.

One of the biggest differences between the two is the Pro-clean system, which is actually a reservoir pad. What it does is to provide fresh fluid to your cloth. This way, it remains damp and efficient in getting rid of the stubborn dirt and grime.

There’s also the turbo charge cradle. This is optional, since you can still charge your Mint robot directly into your electrical supply. However, this cradle just boosts the charging time, cutting down the average hours to half (around 2 hours). With it, the charging time becomes faster than that of Roomba, which is one of the best brands with regards to robot cleaners.

The previous Mint introduced Northstar navigation, which is an effective and orderly manner of mapping and cleaning space. The newer one, 5200, still has it. However, it’s improved that more Northstar cubes or “GPS” have been added. That’s why it’s able to handle bigger rooms or spaces and easily veer away from obstacles such as furniture legs and beds. This also prevents the device from falling down the stairs.

This also has the pause button. Unlike the previous 4200, 5200 remembers the map and cleans area that has not been covered yet after you resume cleaning. The device is also friendly to pets because it doesn’t produce a lot of noise, which scare your furry friends.

Like 4200, this newer model still sweeps and mops. Unfortunately, in spite of the advancements, there are still times when it can’t pick up some dirt, such as bread crumbs or large particles.

User Comments

It’s quiet, efficient, and does a great job finding it’s way around the house. It’s amazing to watch this thing go into tight spaces and then find it’s way out, it does not miss an inch. 

—Benny Strickland,

The Mint is, without a doubt, one of the best purchases someone with hardwood floors can make.  Yes, it won’t provide enough cleaning power to clean up after more than a couple of pets and yes, it doesn’t have a vacuum, but this thing will reliably sweep and mop hardwood floors of dust, dirt and hair like a CHAMPION! 

—Christopher Motter,

Three dogs, hardwood floors and it looked like it snowed in my house until I bought the Mint. I run it every day to keep the floors clean. The floors get a good wash down every 2 weeks. Well worth the money, easy to use and it does not bother our dogs.



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