Neato XV-11, XV-12, and XV-15

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Neato XV-11 reviewOverview

Bwfore you read this Neato XV-11 review, let us clarify something. Some potential home owners do get confused what Neato model to buy. After all, there are Neato XV-11, XV-12, and XV-15. Actually, all of them are identical. However, the last two are the model’s name in Europe. Okay with that out of the way, let’s deal more with Neato robot vaccuum cleaner review and its features. Neato, for us, is an underrated robot vacuum cleaner. We’ve heard a lot of reports on how it works wonders and can definitely beat the other popular brands in the market. However, Roomba, perhaps being one of the first to venture into robot, still eats up majority of the sales pie. Other brands like Samsung, LG, and even Electrolux already have their own following. Regardless, we suggest when you’re considering getting a vacuum cleaner to think about Neato too.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Doesn’t collect hairs on the brushes
  • Uses lasers to proper position itself and map out a room
  • Works on several kinds of floors, including stones and laminates
  • Is convenient to schedule to your preferred cleaning times
  • Charges itself by finding its home base
  • Has a good battery life
  • Doesn’t produce a lot of noise
  • Works almost like a regular upright vacuum cleaner
  • Is durable
  • Has a dust bin that’s easy to empty
  • Comes with an LCD display


  • Sometimes miss out on some areas
  • Doesn’t have a better space-limiting technology


  • Laser-based room mapping system
  • Onboard scheduler
  • Self-charging docking station
  • Magnetic strips to set up boundaries
  • High-powered suction system
  • Large dirt bin
  • D-shape form
  • Low-profile access (goes through anything that is less than 4 inches in height)
  • 1-year limited warranty

Detailed Review

There are plenty of things to appreciate with Neato XV-11. First is its design. While other robots are circular or square, this one is shaped like a letter D. This way it still has that round shape that allows it to get into the wall’s edges and clean them without getting stuck afterward. Moreover, it can definitely reach every nook and cranny of your home. Unlike some of its competitors, the parts and build of XV-11 are not to be considered flimsy.

As for its cleaning method, it uses a laser-guided mapping system. This actually allows the robot to see its surroundings in 360 degrees and avoid bumps and other obstacles along the cleaning path. If you wish to confine its space, you can use magnetic strips, though many find this tacky compared to Roomba’s lighthouses. There are also a number of sensors that will further enhance its anti-collision methods, as well as prevent it from getting damaged by falling off the stairs and other drop-offs. Though there are times when it seems to miss out certain areas, such as underneath the table legs, more often than not, it cleans methodically and covers every area of your house really well.

One of the most impressive features of the robot is its suction power. Its compression impeller is inspired from airflow principles used by jet engines—yes, the kind of power that propels these aircraft to move. Thus, you can just imagine how powerful the suction of Neato XV-11 is. That’s why almost always it gets rid of the allergens and other unnecessary particles in your home. Some owners are even able to find their lost belongings. The dust bin still needs emptying, but since it’s large, you may not have to do it during cleaning time. The brushes, moreover, don’t accumulate a lot of hair, so they’re also very easy to clean. The filters keep those allergens intact in the bin.

There’s an onboard scheduler so you can automated your cleaning, as well as an LCD display to notify you of what’s happening with your cleaner. It has a decent operating time, and when the battery is consumed, it moves to its docking for self-charging.

User Comments

Overall the Neato is a great vacuum robot and does a good job at cleaning my house and I would recommend it to anyone.

—Amazon Addict,

Absolutely amazing. Now I want the Neato people to add some camera eyes, a little arm and dust cloth and a little tray to transport milk and cookies.

—L. A. Loman,

But regardless… I’d say it cleaned my floor slightly better than my upright vacuum cleaner- simply put, it’s way more methodolical than I am, and it gets under everything it can fit under! It crawls under all your couches, your bed (If it can) and anything else.




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