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Samsung Hausen reviewOverview

Usually, when one mentions “robot vacuum cleaners,” the first thing that comes into mind is the Roomba. That is understandable, as there are already plenty of Roomba robots in the market, and the brand is extremely popular. Nevertheless, other great manufacturers have come up with their own too. These include Samsung. Samsung, so far, has two well-known robots: Navibot and Hauzen. The latter is sometimes associated with other appliances such as washing machines, but its robot is also gaining recognition because it does its job very well.


  • Methodically maps the room through its cameras
  • Goes back to its dock when it needs recharging
  • Performs a single pass cleaning
  • Comes with collision avoidance sensors and dual brushes
  • Is fitted with a HEPA filter
  • Automatically shuts off when its needs recharging


  • Brushes sometimes capture plenty of hair
  • Bins need regular emptying
  • Doesn’t have an onboard scheduler
  • Is noisier than the other robots
  • Sometimes doesn’t give off enough suction power


  • Measures 14.2 inches in diameter, 4.1 inches in height
  • Weighs 9.9 pounds
  • HEPA filter
  • Crash prevention and obstacle sensors
  • Cliff sensors
  • Air pump
  • A pair of side brushes
  • SLAM navigation
  • Regular dust bins
  • Self-charging home base

Detailed Review

Hauzen may not be as popular as its cousin, the Novibot, but it’s still preferred by others because it’s just easy to use and doesn’t cost as much as the other robots. It still has the SLAM navigation, which is an excellent method of mapping out a room. The camera continuously “takes pictures” of the area as the robot navigates the space. It works perfectly with the many sensors that prevent it from bumping into furniture and other obstacles, as well as falling down the stairs. The single pass cleaning also helps the robot use its time efficiently and makes sure it covers the room first before it moves on to another.

When the robot loses its power, it immediately finds its way into its home base for self-charging. If the job is not yet over, it goes back to it. If there’s one thing to be wary about, it’s the tendency to lose its map when it shuts off due to lack of power.

It doesn’t have an onboard scheduler, which could have helped a lot in managing cleaning times, but there’s the HEPA filter, which isn’t found in several Roomba cleaners. This is more effective in trapping allergens and other particles up to 0.3 microns.

The bin isn’t that impressive, and it needs emptying constantly since it’s small. The robot also creates more noise than its competitors at 62 decibels. The side brushes would require time-consuming cleaning as the hair gets tangled on the bristles. Though it works on a variety of floors and captures plenty of particles, it doesn’t boast of really strong vacuum powers. Needless to say, if you want a robot that can help you with everyday cleaning, Samsung Hauzen is a good choice.

User Comments

The VC-RE70V does not use the “chaotic”/statistical floor cleaning method that almost all current floor cleaning robots use. This robot is sexy looking like something out of a Sci-Fi film.


Samsung is no stranger to robot vacuum manufacturing and the latest model Hauzen VC-RE70V is very attractive and pretty intelligent to boot, one-upping the closest competitor Roomba.



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