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Samsung Navibot reviewOverview

You can never doubt Samsung’s ability to come up with great appliances for your home. Though it doesn’t monopolize the market in terms of vacuum cleaners, it has its own product lines that generated buzz and impressed plenty of home owners across the globe. Samsung has even ventured into robots, and one of the well-known is the Navibot. We aren’t really sure how its name came to be, but we’d like to guess it has something to do with is unique and systematic mapping method, which helps the robot clean a room so efficiently and with less energy or power consumed.


  • Allows you to schedule your cleaning time
  • Automatically returns to its self-charging home base when the power is low
  • Works very well on hard surfaces
  • Comes with sensors to prevent bumps and drop-offs
  • Includes  cameras that take 30 photos of the space that needs to be cleaned for mapping
  • Lets you create boundaries through Virtual Fence
  • Doesn’t get entangled on cords and cables
  • Instantly shuts off when not in use or has consumed all its power
  • Effectively picks up pet hairs and allergens
  • Traps dust and other particles with its washable HEPA filter
  • Charges for only 2 hours
  • Works on several types of floors


  • Has a heavy dock
  • Sometimes gets stuck underneath the cabinets
  • Doesn’t do well with carpets
  • Sometimes forgets its own map
  • Doesn’t clean the walls great


  • Short charging time (2-hours)
  • Self-adjust function
  • Rubber guard
  • Remote control
  • Measures 355mm in width and 93mm in height
  • Weighs 3.7 kg
  • 7 cleaning modes: auto, spot, max, manual, edge, delay start, daily schedule
  • Visionary mapping navigation system
  • 2 virtual guards
  • LED touch panels
  • 2 hours charging
  • 2 side brushes and 1 power brush
  • HEPA filters
  • 38 sensors, including anti-collision, anti-tangle, and lifting
  • Onboard scheduler

Detailed Review

Samsung Navibot is one of the earliest and popular robots from the global brand. It has a lot of features that may be found in its competitors. However, we all know it’s how these features work that truly matters. For instance, the Navibot has a Virtual Fence, which is very similar to the lighthouses or virtual walls of Roombas. Nevertheless, unlike the latter that definitely needs these virtual walls unless you want the robot to get lost while cleaning, the Navibot partners the virtual fence with a more effective technology: visionary mapping system.

The mapping system works through the aid of cameras. These cameras “take snapshots” of the area, capturing all the obstacles along the way, while the robot does its job. In the process, it’s able to properly avoid objects along the way. Moreover, there are several sensors that enhance its anti-collision strategies, such as the cliff sensors to stop this from falling off the stairs. There’s also a bumper to make sure the furniture or the robot doesn’t get damaged in case it hits objects.

Samsung Navibot also provides you with 7 cleaning modes, one of which is the daily schedule. The onboard scheduler lets you determine your preferred cleaning times.  The LED panels give you notifications while the remote control lets you program or regulate the robot several feet away from it.

It comes with a washable HEPA filter, which can trap up to 0.3 microns of dust particles and allergens. There are also a number of brushes that can lift up dust and dirt, as well as clean the edges of the walls (though it doesn’t do as great as the Roomba). The charging time is speedier at 2 only 2 hours.

User Comments

Overall, though, the SR8855 is surprisingly accomplished at getting round a variety of rooms. With a press of the go button, it will start off straight away, zigzagging up and down until it meets an obstacle, at which point it will keep shimmying across until it can carry on. 

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Finding the charge point, and the way it moves around the different rooms mapping where it has been already is very clever. The daily clean mode works well, but it works every day at the same time. You can not tell it to clean monday to friday and take the weekend off.

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